Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Application of fuzzy multi-objective linear programming model to develop optimal cropping pattern with emphasis on the sustainability of water resources    M.Sc.    baradaran sirjani, fatemeh    2013-11-30
2    Optimal allocation of agricultural inputs in the farms of Alborz province    M.Sc.    Asiabani, Naser    2014-02-01
3    A study on the effect of family on welfare of villagers access to credits (case study: Fars Provence)    M.Sc.    Alipourian, Farzaneh    2014-02-08
4    Factors affecting the forms of selling contracts for agricultural products(Case Study: Cotton product in Gonbad, Golestan)    M.Sc.    sakhi, fatemeh    2014-03-08
5    Rural development based on expand of business environment: an clusters approach    M.Sc.    tirgari, mohammad    2014-03-08
6    Evaluation of technical efficiency of beef cattle farms in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    bahmani, elahe    2014-04-26
7    The Effect of Government Support Policies on Rice Market in Iran    M.Sc.    sayyadi, chiman    2014-04-26
8    Impact of irrigation water pricing on water use management (case study Chenaran- mashhad plain)    M.Sc.    shariat, elham    2014-06-21
9    identifying groundwater wells property regime and its impact on agricultural production efficiency ( case study: Belharat Rural District, of Nishapur)    M.Sc.    eghbaly, fatemeh    2014-11-22
10    Study the effect of marketing network of agricultural products on the water resources management in Neyshabur basin    Ph.D    Rafiei Darani, Hadi    2015-02-14
11    The effects of climate change on crop pattern in Khorasan Razavi province (Case Study: Mashhad plain)    M.Sc.    SOLEYMANI NEJAD, SAMANE    2015-05-30
12    Modeling Rural Turism With Emphasis On Sustainable Development Indicators    M.Sc.    Zafar, Fatemeh    2015-05-30
13    Study and identify the optimal combination of the Agricultural Bank credit portfolio    Ph.D    Nahvi, Abouzar    2015-06-20
14    Determine optimal crop pattern of Amol city with emphasis on groundwater quality management    M.Sc.    azami, hossein    2015-06-29
15    determination of risilience and sustainability of industrial dairy farms    Ph.D    hassani, leila    2016-05-14
16    Analysing and Assessing the Possible Economic and Environmental Effects of Inter-Basin Water Transfer from Karun to Zayanderood (Case Study: Behesht Abad Water Transfer Project)    Ph.D    Hayatgheibi Boldaji, Fateme    2016-06-11
17    The modeling of modern agricultural structures based on clusters in the process of rural development    Ph.D    Sarvari, AliAkbar    2016-07-23
18    The effect of trade liberalization on production, consumption, export and import of rice    M.Sc.    ravand, leyla    2016-09-24
19    Decision support system for sustainable exploitation of spruce agroforestry (case study of Mashhad metropolitan area)    M.Sc.    mousavi, mona    2016-10-29
20    Assessment of environmental and economical efficiency on rice farms in Kordkuy    M.Sc.    Homayouni, Zahra    2016-10-29
21    Simultaneous Management of Resources and Demand in order for Equilibrum of Groundwater level in the Neyshabour Plain    Ph.D    alipour, akbar    2017-01-07
22    (The Role of Microfinance on Indicators of Sustainable Rural Development (Case study: Selected Villages of Torbat e Jam    M.Sc.    Sani Heidary, Alireza    2017-01-29
23    Determination Irrigation Water Demand Function in Neyshabur Plain    M.Sc.    keykha, mohammad    2017-03-15
24    Crop Pattern Design under Risk Conditions in Faculty of Agriculture, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    fathabadi, sepideh    2017-06-17
25    investigation of drought effects on agricultural sector and economy of Iran    Ph.D    Jahangard, Halimeh    2017-07-11
26    Measuring the efficiency of low-carbon economy using the Range Adjusted Measure (RAM) in Energy Intensive Industries of Iran    Ph.D    Eftekharian, Pouneh    2017-09-19
27    Stratygy of Food Scurity with Emphasis on the Role of Underground Water in Iran    Ph.D    Farsi Aliabadi, Mohammad Mehdi    2017-12-11
28    Assessment and ranking of economic and environmental efficiency of saffron production regions in Khorasan province    M.Sc.    Sa\'adt Joyandeh, Fatemeh    2018-01-09
29    Estimating the economic value of the environmental benefits of urban trees with emphasis on urban pollution removal (Case Study: Mellat Park of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Yousofpour, Yeganeh    2018-05-05
30    Investigating the effects of climate change and water scarcity on the agricultural market in Iran    M.Sc.    alibakhshi, hasan    2018-06-09
31    The Farm Planning in District Jam with emphasis on Social and Private Benefits.    M.Sc.    Zekri, Nafiseh    2018-06-30